Friday, 21 January 2011

Love's Power Over Death

Today's entry of The Gratitude Book Project touched me deeply - it was written by a father whose baby almost died during the first days of its life. Ourselves, we had a scare too: our daughter was born with blue face and the navel cord was wrapped 3 times around her neck. It took me at least half a year to calm down and stop checking if she was still alive every 15-20 minutes during her sleeping times.

Joseph Garcia's entry reminded me about another story I heard more than 5 years ago from a co-participant in a meditation class. I was young, single and unsure if I wanted children at all at the time, but his words of love resonated beautifully with me - and helped me deal with the panic attacks after the birth of my daughter:

When the doctors told Tim (not his real name) that his baby was born but would not survive the night, he felt scared and lost. His wife was still asleep due to the administered anesthetics, so there was nobody to lean on or talk to. At first he didn't want to see the baby, as he felt that seeing it would make coming to terms with its death harder.

After the first shock, he did go to the intensive care ward and a nurse led him to an incubator with a tiny baby boy inside. Its whole body was covered with tubes but there was a small opening around the arms. The nurse allowed Tom to caress the little hand.

Tom spent the whole night there, gently touching the baby's hand and talking to it. He told him that he loved him and that he would be there for him - even if that would mean crying his eyes out till the end of his life after its death.

The morning came and the baby was still alive. Its condition gradually improved and it grew to become a healthy, loving boy.

The power of Love is amazing, isn't it?

Monday, 17 January 2011

Vierzehn Engel bei mir stehn...

Bei ins Bett gehen habe ich (unter anderem) dieser Gedicht zu meine Kleine gelesen. Auch für mich, als Erwachsenen, hat sich sehr gut gefühlt:

Abends, wenn ich schlafen geh,
vierzehnEngel bei mir stehn:
zwei zu meiner Rechten,
zwei zu meiner Linken,
zwei zu meinen Häupten,
zwei zu meinen Füßen,
zwei, die mich decken,
zwei, die mich wecken,
zwei, die mich weisen,
ins Himmels Paradeisen.

Aus "Des Knaben Wunderhorn: Alte deutsche Lieder", gesammelt von Achim von Arnim und Clemens Brentanound

Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Charms

While I'm known for my love to Angels, I sometimes also like creating "normal" jewelry pieces.
Alle wissen, dass ich Engel liebe, manchmal kreiere ich aber auch "normale" Schmuchstücke.

Some new charms just arrived in my DaWanda Store. They are sweet, nice and inexpensive: a bird...
Die neue Charms sind schon in meinem DaWanda Shop. Sie sind süß und kostengünstig: ein Vogelchen...
 ...a butterfly...
...ein Schmetterlink...
 ... a house...
...ein Haus...
...a sunflower...
...eine Sonnenblume...
...a handbag...
...eine Tasche...
...some apples.
...einige Äpfel.
New charms, as well as charm value packs will be added soon.
Neue Charms, sowie Sparpackungen mit Charms kommen bald.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Lower Shipping Fees For International Customers!


Today I went to ship my first international order for the year and found out that the German Mail has changed its fees again. What is more, unlike the last time, this time the changes are good for me and my customers :-)))

Until December 31, 2010 there were different fees for EU and non-EU countries. Since January 1, 2011 all international mailings have same fees.

Shipping a typical wire-worked angel pendant to the US used to cost 6 Euro for standard, non-tracked service (one of the main reasons I closed my Etsy store). The new fee for all international destinations is 3.45 Euro, just 0.05 more than the previous EU fee.

Some of my items are slightly thinner and fit in the lower priced category. It used to be 1.25 for EU and 2.20 for all other international destinations. The new fee is 1.45 Euro for all.

I'm really HAPPY about it. It has always been my wish to offer reasonable shipping fees for my clients. My total post and package fee contains of the standard German Mail fee + 0.20 Euro for the bubble envelope.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Keep Your Thoughts Positive Today

Doreen Virtue is a favorite author of mine and a beautiful source of inspiration. I follow both her Facebook and Twitter accounts and a message she posted on Facebook last night acted as a mini wake-up call for me. It might be also helpful for you, so there it is:

"The calendar date of 1/1/11 in Angel Numbers means: "Keep your thoughts positive, as this is a gate opening of energy for the fruition and manifestation of your dreams. Only think about what you desire and intend." You can call upon the angel of beauty and beautiful thoughts, Archangel Jophiel, to elevate your thoughts to Love."

I sometimes tend to sink into negative patterns and ponder on worries and fearful thoughts. While it typically resolves fairly quickly, I had never thought of calling on Archangel Jophiel for help.

Inspired by Doreen's Facebook post, I started 1/1/11 with a meditation, which raised my spirit and created an opening for everything that is to come. After that I even felt right to do the "Manifesting with the Angels" guided meditation (again by Doreen Virtue) - the CD has been on my shelf for about a year now, but although I listened to it at the time, I absolutely couldn't go through the process of manifestation. Today it happened so beautifully - thank you, Archangel Jophiel for helping me elevate my vibration to a place where I was able to open up!
Happy New Year, everyone! May it be full of bliss, beautiful revelations and inner growth for all of you!