Sunday, 26 September 2010

Update: Thank You Angels For The Great Marktsonntag Weather!

(The English text comes after the picture.)

Gestern habe ich über meine Hoffnungen über das Wetter heute erzählt. Es hat nicht geregnet und den Marktsonntag ist gut gelaufen! Danke, liebe Engel!

Ich bin allerdings erkältet und kann kaum sprechen - deswegen hat mein lieber Mann fast die ganze Zeit alleine Schutzengel Schmuck verkauft:-)
Yesterday I wrote about my hopes about the weather today. It did not rain and the "Marktsonntag" (a special local event here in Germany) went well. Thank you, Angels!

However, I have a cold and cannot speak (I kind of squeak :-) It was my lovely husband, who stayed and sold angel jewelry at the market. I just arranged the booth at the beginning and helped pack it up at the end. Hooray for Hubby, it was his first time selling my stuff!!!

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