Monday, 9 August 2010

Vision Of a Better World

Normally I share links on Twitter and Facebook only. However, the You Tube video by Doreen Virtue you see below, moved me so much that I decided to post it here.

Doreen explains that we could ask the angels to intervene with other people's free will to the degree it affects us. What follows is a prayer for lifting away any lower energies from the minds of world leaders and generally people in power, dissolving their (and our) fears and believes based on lack mentality, and shifting them (and us) into higher vibrational level.

Can you imagine a world, where decisions are taken from a state of peace and truth? A world, where we act as a unity? A world, which is safe, gentle and kind?

I believe that we could re-create our reality into a healthy and loving place to be. The following video provides some great inspiration in this direction.

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