Saturday, 3 July 2010

Trusting My Angels

Tonight I was on my way back home with the commuter train. It was already about 10:30 pm when I stepped out of a train in order to change to another one, only to find out that:
  • I had just missed it,
  • the next one was in 10 min, but ending 3 stations before mine,
  • the one that could take me home was in 30 min.
At first I froze. Not only I was going to be home after 11:30 pm, but both the station I was on, and the one, where the next train was ending, were rather dodgy at this time of the day. My husband was at home with our already sleeping daughter, so he could not come to pick me up.

Feeling a pinch of fear, I got on the next train. It was more populated than I thought, which helped me calm down. However, the more we were approaching the end station, the more scared I felt. My mind started picturing dramatic scenes, but then I thought:

"Wait a second. Is this what you want to experience?"

"Of course not," answered the other part of me.

"So what it is that you want to experience?"

"I want to experience the profound deep knowing that I am safe, and that - whatever the circumstances, I am taken care of by God and the Angels."

"How about trusting that then?" said my other voice.

It was about 2-3 min before the end station, and out of a sudden I felt relieved, calm and, yes - trusting.

I got off of the train with the confidence that everything was going to be fine.

It was.

What made the difference, was the inner knowing that I was not alone - I was taken care of.

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