Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lost - And Found!

We have been clearing out our flat, and went to sell off some of the stuff at a large populated flea market last Saturday.

Our two-and-a-half-year-old got lost there - for the first and hopefully last time in her life!

She had gone for a stroll with Daddy, and walked away during the single odd moment when he did not look at her, while paying for something he bought.

We both started looking for her, leaving our stand and unlocked car unattended. In order to cover larger area, we split and went in different directions.

I felt the panic building up inside me: which way am I to take, is she OK, etc. I also realized that this increasing overwhelming fear was blocking me from searching effectively.

"God and Angels, please help!" I asked. "May she be fine wherever she is right now, and may we find her as soon as possible!"

Then an idea came up - I could tell the staff, who were at different places at the market and stayed connected via cell phones. In this way more people would help us look for her.

I headed to the first one I saw (they wore vests in electric orange color, which made them easy to see and recognize), and... spotted my daughter!!!

She was walking towards me, holding hands with a woman, who also had her own young child at the other hand. It turned out that the lady passed by our stand some half to one hour beforehand and remembered our daughter because of her dress with big purple flowers (thanks, H&M!). So when she saw her again - close to the street at the exit (!!!), at the opposite end of the market, on her own and crying - she took her and started walking back to our stand.

Was that a coincidence - being found by someone who knew where to bring her - or the result of my prayer?

I was so happy to hug my little one! She did not look distressed at all, but later admitted that she cried, when she could not find us. I said "Thank you!" at least 3 times to the lady, although by the time I was in a state to speak more and express my gratitude better, she had disappeared in the crowd.

We will surely pay even more attention from now on. We also had a chat with our daughter, telling her how important it is to stay close to the adult she is with. However, whenever something happens - and things like this tend to happen around children - asking the Angels for help is always a great thing to do.

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