Wednesday, 30 June 2010

How To Choose The Suitable Healing Crystal?

When I sell my handmade gem angels and fairies at craft shows, some clients “complain” that the choice is too big and they cannot decide on just one or two jewelry items. If my husband happens to be around, he jokingly suggests that they buy everything they like. I try to assist them in other ways – for example, by showing them the list with the gemstones’ healing properties.

There are different methods to choose the appropriate healing crystal for the given moment of your life. When you are looking at jewelry, three of them are the best:

  • Intuitive – this approach is especially useful when you are looking for a jewelry item for yourself. Just observe the jewels for a while and notice which attracts you the most. Often, when you read about the gemstone’s healing power later, you will be astonished to discover that you have chosen a stone, which is connected to something that you seek to improve.

  • Healing properties – if you already love healing crystals, or work on a problem in your life, you are probably interested in a gem that supports you. Some people use this method in combination with the intuitive one – they read about the healing powers of the stones they like and take the final decision on this basis. You could also search for a gem that would help you in a particular direction.

However, if you are interested in using crystals as an integral part of your healing journey, you might consider consulting a specialist, who will help you determine the most suitable stone or stones, and advise you on the best way of using them. Wearing a jewelry item is just one of the many possibilities to utilize crystals’ healing powers.

  • Birth signs – this is a typically used approach when choosing a present for someone else. There are gemstones, which are considered especially supportive to the people from each birth sign. Normally there is more then one gem per birth sign, as they assist and encourage different qualities.

And one last thing – of course, that you could choose a pendant, necklace or a bracelet just because you like them, you love the color, or it suits perfectly to your favorite dress! Gemstones are one of Nature’s precious gifts, which bring joy just because they are beautiful.

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